Håvard K. Blixgård Photography


Since I bought a DJI Phantom 3 Professional in September 2015 I have used it to make panoramas and panospheres.

It took some time to find the right tools for this, but I have established a workflow that I am currently satisfied with. The toolstack consists of free, open source software from stitching to presentation on web.


Panospheres so far

12.08.2017 Sieimma, Reisadalen, Nordreisa
12.08.2017 Nedrefoss, Reisadalen, Nordreisa
12.08.2017 Mollisfossen, Nordreisa
01.08.2017 Oksfjord, Nordreisa
22.04.2017 Flintvannet, Kvænangen
01.04.2017 Náhpoorda, Oksfjorddalen, Nordreisa
11.02.2017 Vilbealesjávri, Nordreisa
05.03.2017 Oahpis, Nordreisa
11.02.2017 Vilbealesjávri, Nordreisa
13.08.2016 Biedjovággi, Kautokeino
13.08.2016 Sieiddáš, Kautokeino
31.07.2016 Skorpa, Kvænangen
01.07.2016 Oksfjord og Straumfjord
01.07.2016 Straumfjordnes, Nordreisa
23.05.2016 Fossen, Straumfjord, Nordreisa
07.05.2016 Giebaávži, Reisadalen, Nordreisa
07.05.2016 Sieimma, Reisadalen, Nordreisa
01.05.2016 Guhkesjávri, Kautokeino
30.04.2016 Cárajávri solnedgang, Kautokeino
30.04.2016 Cárajávri dagtid, Kautokeino
25.04.2016 Sandnesdalen, Kvænangsfjellet
22.02.2016 Oksfjord og Straumfjord
07.02.2016 Ålloloukta, Jokkmokk
29.12.2015 Straumfjordnes