Håvard K. Blixgård Photography


Most of my photos are available for purchase as prints. If you see a photo that you like and you would like to get a print of it you can contact me on my email: foto@gix.no.

There are a few materials available: aluminum, acryl, foam and canvas on frame. I can help with the size and aspect if needed.

The prices will vary with size and material for the print, and some of the photos have more exclusive prices.


The design from the t-shirt printed on a coffee mug. Or a beer-mug if you prefer.

Watchful Reindeer On Ridge Coffee Mug
Watchful Reindeer On Ridge Coffee Mug by FotoGixNo


T-shirts can be purchased from RedBubble.com using the following links. Redbubble print on clothing from American Apparel, so the quality is excellent. My page on RedBubble:


Photo books

Here follows links to photo books that I have created. They can be previewed and purchased.